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April 2022

Apologies for the big time gap – I have trouble getting help with the website but we have a new project manager Janavi who can help me now! Janavi is working with Stephen, Adam and Jen on our MRFF vaccine project.

Big news is that the lab has grown so much we are moving into a bigger lab over at the medical building – floor 6 North. Exciting brand newly renovated space with heaps of lab space and desk space so not so squeezy! Will miss working shoulder to shoulder with Amy’s group but we can all grow a bit more now!

Congratulations to Marios who was awarded the Locarnini fellowship from the Doherty which is a great feather in his cap – he will grow his team, with Thu recently starting as a PhD student. Wen Shi was awarded a Melbourne Fellowship from the faculty allowing him to chase down many of his great projects. Both were really competitive (one awarded!) and well deserved.

Some great papers have come out – check out our publication page. Some photos attached – we had a great lab retreat near Apollo bay again – nicer weather for a change! We’re planning a ski trip retreat to the University lodge at Buller in August.


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May 2024

We welcome Ellie and Lydia as research assistants who are working with Wen Shi, Marios and Hyon Xhi. Marios is in Bergen Norway for a few weeks working with Chi who is back home at Rebecca Cox’s group


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