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January 2023

I hope everyone has had a good break over the holiday season. We had a hectic December with many of the lab attending and presenting talks and posters at the Australian Society for Immunology meeting (see photos) and being part of the attendant COVID outbreak! We are having a lab lawn bowls party in January (photos soon).

The team has been working hard on 2 follow up COVID breakthrough studies focusing on variant-specific antibody responses and T cell responses with some fascinating results. See here for one of the preprints and here for Marios’s tweetorial. We are beginning a study of COVID breakthrough in the elderly together with Austin hospital colleagues.

Congratulations to Jen who was promoted to level C and was awarded a prestigious Dame Kate Campbell fellowship. Stephen was heartened to receive a Mentorship Excellence award from our faculty – he’s very proud of the success of all our past and current students, staff and collaborators. Stephen and close collaborators Miles Davenport, Katherine Kedzierska and Kanta Subbarao were honoured to be finalists in the Prime Minister’s Prize for Science recently.

We will be looking to employ a new post-doc or 2 in the viral immunology space during 2023 so please contact us if interested in joining our productive and fun lab. The lab mostly uses the @viralvaxlab twitter handle these days if Elon doesn’t blow it up, so consider following us there also.


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