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May 2023

Our lab has been expanding! We welcome Mitchell and Rosie as new junior postdoctoral fellows to the lab – both have just finished their PhDs and are working with Jen and Adam/Hyon-Xhi on various T and B cell projects respectively. We also welcome new PhD students Yee-Chen (from Taiwan) and Nicky (from NZ) who are working with Marios/Adam and Jen/Adam/Wen Shi on Flu B and vaccine studies respectively. We have several new guests in and out of our lab also - Shiyao who works with Frank Caruso and David Ju is helping a collaboration with Inin, a PhD student of Kristian Kempe at Monash pharmacy. Emily is working with Diyana, a PhD student of Nghia Truong at Monash pharmacy. Emily is moving back to Monash pharmacy but will continue our collaborations. See our staff page for updates.

The lab recently had dinner at a lovely Vietnamese restaurant that Thu kindly organised (see photos). We have 4 people of Vietnamese heritage in our group now! Jane organized with aplomb a great NHMRC program grant retreat at the Manly recently - several from our group attended (see photos). We have a lab retreat planned to Marysville in June together with Amy’s group – should be cold but fun!

Exciting news that Jen and Adam are both being promoted to Laboratory Heads within our department – well deserved recognition of their stellar careers and independence. Congratulations to both!


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May 2024

We welcome Ellie and Lydia as research assistants who are working with Wen Shi, Marios and Hyon Xhi. Marios is in Bergen Norway for a few weeks working with Chi who is back home at Rebecca Cox’s group


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