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May 2024

We welcome Ellie and Lydia as research assistants who are working with Wen Shi, Marios and Hyon Xhi. Marios is in Bergen Norway for a few weeks working with Chi who is back home at Rebecca Cox’s group. Stephen is visiting Osaka University in Japan and the Krammer group in New York soon.

Our COVID monoclonal project is working its way towards clinical trials with Janavi’s expert management. We’ve recently completed a couple of COVID vaccine trials – one showed delaying the vaccine 3 months didn’t help and a current one under analysis is looking at whether it’s better to get the Flu and COVID vaccines in the same or opposite arms. We also been looking at the distribution of the COVID vaccines in blood which has been interesting.

Kirsty has her PhD oration soon – see flyer. She’s done a great job studying gamma-delta T cells in HIV and other scenarios. Yee-Chen and Nicky got through their PhD confirmations with flying colors recently.


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